Brewjeria Company is a brewing company initiated by a tight knit group of brewers from Los Angeles County, more specifically, South LA and the San Gabriel Valley. From humble beginnings in 2010 home brewing with a beer kit, to a one barrel system (31 gallon gallons per brew session) has been the result of communicating ideas and challenging our inhibitions. Sharing our craft with close friends proved to be the root of Brewjeria Company's motivation to move the idea of a brewery and taproom forward.

The term Brewjeria is a 'Spanglish' word combining the English word "Brew" with the suffix of the Spanish word "Brujeria", which means witchcraft. We feel that this captures some of the essence of what it is to live in Southern California. Brewjeria is the swirling chemistry of ideas, language, culture, science and spirituality intertwined in wonder and community.

The Brewjos (what we call ourselves), also a Spanglish term combining brewer and sorcerer, have over a decade of experience working for nonprofit organizations and have built a strong network with professionals committed to working with underserved communities in the Greater Los Angeles area. When CA passed AB-2609 in 2014 allowing donations of homebrew to nonprofits, we tapped into our existing networks to supply homebrew for fundraisers. This has proven fruitful in the influx of people and organizations wanting to know more about who we are.

Brewing quality ales with culture and community as key ingredients
— Brewjeria Company